our client schools' feedback

Schools we work with include or have included Georgetown's  McDonough School of Business, Georgetown's School of Foreign Service, the School of Business and Economics at the Catholic University of America, University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, Johns Hopkins SAIS, UVA's Darden School of Business, and John Hopkins University.

Here's feedback from students at one of our university partners (undergraduate) from 2016: 

CUA student feedback slide

Our services to universities


  • Individual one-on-one student coaching (30 minute, 45 minute, or 60 minute appointments)
  • Career clarification - industry choice, functional area, corporate vs nonprofit, start-ups vs entrepreneurship
  • Resume writing and crafting - results focused, quantified impact etc. See here for our Careerly Methodology
  • Cover letter writing - templates, targeted pitch to specific employers, matching job requirements to candidate skills   
  • Interview prep - this is Careerly's flagship product. See our YouTube Channel with 1,6 million views and 10,000+ subscribers

 CAreer Services consulting

  • Career services strategy, in particular to MBA career services in a highly competitive MBA recruiting environment with a special focus on job placement rates, which drive rankings. 
  • International student job search strategy - how to help international students re-focus and broaden their strategy. 
  •  Curriculum development - overall strategy, content choice, and best practices in delivery to a millennial audience. 
  • Overall career services strategy - placement rates, student feedback, handling the international student population
“With every coaching session I do, every webinar I teach, I try to bring something new. Not just teach the big idea that thrills but also frameworks and key actionable takeaways so that participants, especially students, can learn “how to fish for themselves” in their career journey.”
— Hira Fernando

The careerly difference

Careerly coaches are industry people.  We have adopted coaching and counseling since they are heartfelt passions but we are first and foremost people who have had careers in finance, consulting, operations, and international development - the same careers that our students want to get into. We left those careers after many years of in-the-trenches experience to do something else we love...  using and leveraging our knowledge to help others. The Careerly team consists of successful business professionals turned coaches who understand today’s job market because they have lived it. Our mission critical expertise and insider perspective establishes a buy-in from both students and the universities we work with. 

Here are some examples by industry, and what we mean by having industry expertise, and how that drives better coaching and ultimately better job results for students. 


Understanding the difference between a corporate finance role (i.e. internal functional role) versus working in the financial services/banking world (i.e. Wall Street etc.) is critical. Through our own educational and professional credentials, Careerly can tap into an extensive network of finance and business professionals and alumni.


Management consulting is a large and diverse industry with high growth potential. However, it is also a highly competitive industry that has particular standards and requires extensive preparation. Careerly has years of strategy and communications consulting experience and knowledge, offering students a firm understanding of the case interview method and the different consulting practice areas.  

International Development

The international development industry is a broad field with many career paths. Is working at a global consulting firm a good fit? Or does a job with an NGO offer the best opportunities? What skills and experiences are best suited to these roles? With our global experience and international network, Careerly can provide an insider look at the varying roles and opportunities and necessary competencies required for the international development field.

International Student Perspective

The largest job search hurdle for any international student (and by extension for any program is comprised of 30% or more of international students) is the U.S. Work Authorization Process. Students need guidance from a source that is familiar with all the ins and outs of the U.S. Immigration system (USCIS), understands OPT/CPT, the difference between H1-B and a Green Card, and how to increase the marketability of these students to U.S. employers. Hira has extensive experience coaching students on U.S. hiring practices, answering sponsorship questions, and networking and communicating in professional settings in the U.S. International students struggle with acclimating to a new culture, including sometimes language difficulties, and navigate an extremely complicated job search process.


Based on what we have tracked over the last 32-month period, below are topics that have emerged as popular with our schools. 

Topic based workshops (or our online Webinars) are typically 1.5 hours long (with Q&A). However career development workshops can run anywhere between one hour to a half-day to a full day. We are flexible, and happy to adjust most anything (content, length, structure) to your needs.  For pricing purposes consider the following as a guideline: $400 for 1 - 1.5 hour length; $800 for half day; and 1250 for full day.  Pricing includes all prep work, decks, delivery of the content, and followup with materials, templates, and examples.  

  • Cover Letters and Networking Emails
  • Using Social Media to Advance Your Job Search  
  • How to Find Work You Love
  • Beyond #DWYL: Why Doing What You Love Is Only Part of It. 
  • International Students' Job Search Strategies
  • International Students' H1-B and Work Authorization  
  • LinkedIn Basics I
  • LinkedIn Basics II
  • Branding You 101