• We are looking for an Associate Career Coach to work with undergraduate students currently enrolled in Business School and/or Finance Programs.
  • The Universities we work with are located in Washington D.C., -> you will be required to be on campus, working face-to-face with students, at least 3 days of the week.
  • You will be a contract coach with Careerly; this means flexible hours, you get to set your own schedule, and you will be paid monthly per number of hours of coaching. 


  • 5 years of PROFESSIONAL business related experience. What do we mean by professional experience? Actual real-world work experience in careers that are of interest to our students. This is what you will leverage and draw on to coach the students.  
  • If you are coming through HR and/or org dev channels - i.e. that is your experience- also valuable. However, it is essential that you have knowledge of specific career tracks (i.e. Marketing, Finance, etc.).
  • If you have a coaching certificate or career dev. training - great! - but again, we won't hold you to it. We certainly don't require it. 
  • But you are the kind of person who loves helping/guiding others, and coaching/counseling others is a natural talent. A high-degree of emotional intelligence and patience is required for this role.
  • Undergraduate degree, preferably in a business related program. Or currently in grad school in a business related or MBA program.
  • Very strong writing, editing, communication skills- especially reviewing and editing resumes and cover letters. Also interview prep practice and training.  


Careerly is a career coaching, strategy, and education company based in Washington D.C. We are one of the most dedicated (and fun!) career services companies around town, and have a lot of fans among the twenty-something/ thirty-something young professionals, mid-career career-switchers, and of course our large population of MBA students. 

We are also international, and serve clients globally in Europe, Asia, and the United States. We inspire people to take meaningful actions – whether that’s updating a resume or volunteering on a project to gain experience. We’re best known for our combination of left-brain analysis and right-brain intuition. Check out our
YouTube Channel with close to a half a million views on our career videos. 


With over 520+ clients (including many college undergraduates, especially seniors) we run a high volume service. We are looking to transform how career services is delivered at universities so that students have a much better (functional role and/or industry experience related) career service experience. Specifically you will: 

  • Offer knowledge-based and industry-specific advice relevant to each individual’s situation to help them plan and implement effective and  realistic career development plans according to their industry/career interest.
  • Review, write, craft results-oriented resumes and cover letters and ensure documents are "employer-ready."
  • Conduct mock interviews, both behavioral, case and technical, which are in line with industry practice.
  • Develop credibility with and build strong relationships with students as they go through the entire job search process, from self-reflection to offer negotiation.
  • Use your direct experience and learnt knowledge to guide students on different career tracks in finance, consulting, marketing etc.  
  • Conduct outreach to track student employment status and maintain detailed records of student appointments and employment activities.

To apply please send your cover letter and resume to

DEADLINE: 15 September 2016