Before Kelly Clarkson said it, Plato said it. So did Confucius, Jesus, and Buddha.   

Every major religion and philosophy in the world that has stood the test of time over thousands of years all got behind this: trials and tribulations, challenge and hardship is the fuel that drives human excellence and growth.   

It is nature’s way of ensuring you have the life skills and judgment ability you need. Highly challenging situations make you resilient and build new psychological and emotional muscles. We may never build these new muscles and/or strengthen existing ones that are weak if we weren’t thrown the situations and life circumstances that give us this “mental gym.” Trials and tribulations transform us into stronger, leaner, meaner, fighting machines. 

What doesn’t kill you doesn’t just make you stronger. It gives you freedom.   

Conquering any difficulty pushes back an invisible line, and so adds to your freedom. It adds to your freedom from worry, anxiety, and pain.  Every time you go through a challenging job search,or job loss, or a break up, or a health problem, and you bounce back– you are laying down new wiring in your brain that helps you cope with and execute life in a slightly improved way each time, with more options and more creatively.   

Here’s to the stuff we don’t like, but that makes us psychologically (and physically) stronger, freer, and happier.