You know the statistic: 80% of jobs today are landed through networking - i.e. through your network of friends, family, colleagues, and professional and personal contacts. Only 20% of jobs are found 'cold' through simply applying for them on job boards and company websites.

In this document we are not going to cover how to build, use, and give back to your network. This is covered in depth elsewhere, in particular this workshop. Here, we focus on how to communicate with your network, and ask for what you want in a professional, authentic, and -ultimately - effective way. 

Keep your networking emails short, succinct, and easy for the reader to understand.  Make sure the "ask" (what you are asking your contact for) is clear, and keep it to ONE single "ask" per communication- make it easy for them to say yes to your request.

In our Careerly training document, Networking Email Examples, we give you SEVEN TEMPLATES  of common networking emails we help our clients write time and time again. We have included thank you notes post interviews and informational interviews, as well as that unforgettable follow-up email after you've met with someone important and want to leave a killer impression.

Download the training document here.